The best of the well known U47, but with much more to offer


We are pleased to introduce the microphone we created with just one thought in mind: to improve the sound of U47 and to make it suitable to the needs of modern recording!

Only the best components

This model, which employs a special high quality PVC capsule, combined with a hand-wound output transformer and the particularly superior (and unique) inductive power supply module, ensures a sound that has impressed many artists and sound engineers.

Unique features

The Ribera R47 has a switch on the front panel of the external power supply, allowing to select two different sound shapes, Normal (open and defined in the mid-high range) and Vintage (mellow/soft, U47-style).

In detail

  • Chromed brass basket with three levels of hand-welded grids.
  • The bodies, as well as the elegant elastic semicircle suspensions, are made of tubes of a high quality Avional duralluminium.
  • The microphone is anodized with scratchproof treatment.
  • The design of the shock mount, together with the titanium bracket screw and ergonomic clamping handle, is both functional and durable. It is equipped with stainless steel screws and silicone snap rings, and it sports a freely positioned ergonomically clamping handle with a titanium bracket screw.
  • The cradle for the microphone support and related locking ring are made of Delrin.
  • The Binder connector is based on the famous Tuchel.
  • The microphone cable is a six conductor extra high quality Mogami cable.

The electric board is made by an Italian company able to produce copper tracks with a thickness of 105 microns, resulting in a longer durability and better reliability.

Nothing is left to chance, not even the wiring! Ribera R47 is equipped with an extra resistant connector derived from the historic Tuchel (the one used in U47 in that period), while the cable is a Mogami®, peculiar for high-performance tube microphones.

All the mechanical elements are made in Italy by manufacturers equipped with the latest CNC machines.

With R47 you are ready to record!

The basic equipment includes the microphone, a wooden box, a black semicircular shock mount, the Ribera inductive power supply, a 10 meters Mogami® cable for tube microphones with Binder® connectors, and an elegant case.

Prices from € 9900 ex VAT. Pre-order availability only.

* Specifications and features are subjected to change.